Renthia terms of use

The following terms of use ("Terms") apply when Renthia AB, company registration number 559010-9525, address Flemminggatan 18, SE-112 26 Stockholm, e-mail address ("Renthia") supplies the website (the "Website") and the Service, as defined below, to you ("You"). 

These Terms apply to Renthia's provision of the Services. The Service will be provided at the date of the User's completed registration for a User Account upon which these Terms have been approved by the User. These Terms remain in force for an indefinite period if you remain a User. These

Terms thus form part of the relationship between Renthia and the User. 

Table of Contents

1. Service provided

2. To create a User

3. Guest terms

4. Homeowner terms

5. Cancellations and terminations

6. Payments

7. Guarantee

8. Liability 

1.    Service provided

1.1.      Renthia, in its capacity as a platform and service provider offers a service that matches prospective Guest to various accommodations and  thereby facilitates sub-letting of different types of accommodations to companies and physical individuals. 

1.2      Renthia, therefore, provides a service for both Homeowners and Guests. The Homeowner can register an accommodation of their own that they want to rent out, and the Guest can apply for renting accommodations that are available on the Website ("Digital Platform”).    

1.3.     Renthia is only an intermediary between Guest and Homeowner, Renthia is thus not a Homeowner/landlord and not a party to the agreement between Guest and Homeowner. Renthia shall therefore NOT, be viewed as, an owner, manager, or real estate agent. Renthia does not possess, sell, rent, sublet, manage, nor does it control the properties in any manner whatsoever. 

1.4.     Renthia undertakes to provide the Service in a reliable manner. Access to the Digital Platform can be restricted or interrupted temporarily through maintenance work, further development or planned (or unplanned) disruptions. Renthia will announce disruptions of the aforementioned kind to Users in a timely manner prior to when they occur, wherever possible. If You have an urgent matter while the Digital Platform is temporarily inaccessible, please contact our customer support for personal service, at email 

1.5.       In general, use of the Service will comply with the following, standardized process: 

(i.)         To use the Service, including register an Accommodation or apply for an Accommodation, you (as a Homeowner or Guest) will have to create a user account for the Digital Platform ("User Account"). A holder of a User Account ("User") may use their User Account to register Accommodations or submit applications for renting an Accommodation. A User that uses the Platform to register Accommodations is hereinafter referred to as a "Homeowner". A User that uses the Platform to apply to lease an Accommodation is hereinafter referred to as a "prospective Guest” or” Guest”. The Homeowner and prospective Guest are collectively referred to as "Users". A User may use its User Account as both Homeowner and Guest and accepts the subsequent conditions linked to each a separate type of user. 

(ii)       A Homeowner registers an apartment/house/room etc. ("Accommodation") that the Homeowner wants to rent out on the Digital Platform, effectively giving Renthia consent to market the registered Accommodation via the Digital Platform and through additional marketing channels. Please notice that Renthia may collect Third Party Accommodations. However, all Service is provided through Renthia's Platform.

(iii.)        Prospective Guest apply as Users of the Digital Platform and subsequently apply to rent the Accommodation via the Digital Platform. 

(iv.)   After prospective Guests submit applications, Renthia identifies and reviews applications to find prospective Guests that fulfill the Homeowner's specifications regarding the lease and the Guest. Renthia will administer and carry out all communications with prospective Guests. 

(v.)         Once Renthia has identified suitable Guest from the applicants, Renthia will present a shortlist of prospective Guests to the Homeowner and will await the Homeowner's approval for the presented Guest. At Renthia, everyone is welcome. Renthia Makes no difference to your gender, your sexual orientation, your ethnicity, or anything else.

(vi.)     Submitting an application does not imply that the applicant will be selected to be presented to the Homeowner as a prospective Guest. Renthia reserves the right to identify, review and reject Applications and to present a shortlist of prospective Guests to the Homeowner. The decision to select and approve a Guest is made by the Homeowner. The decision upon whom to present to the Homeowner as a Guest is made by Renthia, exclusively. 

(vii.)    Upon the Homeowner’s approval of a Guest, the Homeowner and the approved Guest will enter into an agreement regarding the lease of Homeowner's Accommodation ("Booking Confirmation”) in which the rights and obligations of the Homeowner and the Guest will be outlined in detail. The Booking Confirmation will include provisions regarding, for example, but not limited to, the lease period, rent, and termination of lease. The Booking Confirmation will be signed through electronic signature. 

(viii.)   Corresponding to the Booking Confirmation, the Homeowner will provide the Guest with other additional information about the stay. For example where to pick up the key. Homeowner and a Guest that are entering into a Booking Confirmation are each recommended to save a local copy of the Booking Confirmation. 

(ix.)   Homeowner and a Guest that are entering into a Booking Confirmation are each recommended to save a local copy of the Booking Confirmation.

(x.)       Please note that each jurisdiction may have other, or additional, requirements for the validity of a Booking Confirmation, its terms, and its subsequent storage. The Homeowner is responsible for ensuring that the laws of one's own jurisdiction are complied with. Renthia only offers a platform for Homeowners and Guests to find Accommodations to lease and rent. 

xi.      Please notify that Renthia can approve on behalf of the Homeowner if the Homeowner delegated it to Renthia.  

1.6.        Beyond what has been stated in this chapter, Renthia provides services for payment, depositions, and guarantee as specified in chapters 6 and 7. Renthia may also provide other services as seen in 1.8.

1.7.       Renthia provides a template Booking Confirmations where some conditions are mandatory, others optional. The Homeowner undertakes to use this template and comply with its mandatory terms. The remaining terms are a matter between Homeowner and Guest. 

1.8.       Renthia may provide new, modified, or additional services or features to the Service. Such new services or features can be associated with particular conditions. If this is the case, Renthia will present these conditions on the Website and, should it be required by substantive law, request your consent. If the user wants to activate the new service, the User must accept the special conditions applicable to that Service. 

1.9.       Side agreements between the Homeowner and the Guest, in addition to the Booking Confirmation, entailing restrictions on Renthia’s rights in accordance with these Terms and other terms that Renthia provides to a user separately, are not permitted.


2.    To create a User


2.1.       In order to be eligible to use the Service you must (i) be at least 18 years of age, ii) complete the registration of a user account and iii) accept these Terms and our Privacy Policy that is available to you here (link). 

2.2.       By creating an account (by clicking on the "I Agree" button when you create your account) you hereby acknowledge and agree to these Terms which will be viewed as having been entered into effect.  

2.3.       You acknowledge that your User Account and password are individual and private information and agree: 

(i.)          To provide truthfully, current and complete information when completing your registration for a User Account or an Accommodation.

(ii.)         To keep the User Account data up-to-date and correct at all times and make any necessary changes/and additions to the information.

(iii.)       Not to disclose your password, allow anyone else to access your User Account or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your User Account.

(iv.)        To inform Renthia immediately if there is reason to suspect unauthorized use of your User Account.

(v.)         Not to upload viruses or other malicious code on the Digital Platform.  

(vi.)        Not to use the Digital Platform to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory according to applicable law. 

2.4.        Renthia has the right, if a user does not comply with the Terms, to close the account with immediate effect and, if necessary, report it to the police or in other cases take legal actions.

3.   Guest terms

3.1.       Users apply for leasing an Accommodation that is presented on the Platform ("Applications") by filling in and submitting the application form available on the Platform. 

3.2.      Submitting an Application does not imply that the applicant will be selected to be presented to the Homeowner as a prospective Guest. Renthia reserves the right to identify, review and reject Applications and to present a shortlist of prospective Guests to the Homeowner. The decision to select and approve a Guest is made by the Homeowner, or Renthia if the Homeowner delegated the assignment. The decision upon whom to present to the Homeowner as a Guest is made by Renthia, exclusively. 

3.3.       For the Accommodations, there are no physical showings, and instead, there is a video tour together with complete and detailed information about the listing. 

3.4.       In case You sign and move into an Accommodation, and it would not represent what You have seen in the listing details prior to signing the lease, You have forty-eight (48) hours to report it to Renthia ( or to the Homeowner. In which case, You have the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, without being charged. This applies to, for example, in case of wrong floor plan or extensive damage which makes the property unliveable. 

3.5.       If there are minor problems in the property which do not make it unliveable, You cannot terminate the agreement with immediate effect, and instead, the contract-abiding notice period must be activated. However, You have the right to get the issue fixed. For example, in case the oven or fridge is not working. If the Homeowner can not fix it at an early date, the rule in 3.4 will be actual. Minor problems, such as the lack of knife, should be left out of consideration. 

3.6.       The Guest is not allowed to lease the Accommodation to any other person or businesses or allowing any other individuals to also live in the Accommodation than stated in the Booking Confirmation. Any such rental or 3rd party sub-let shall be deemed as the Guest is in breach of the Confirmation, whereby the agreement will be terminated immediately, and the eventual deposit will be forfeited. 

3.7.       The Guest is expected to move out of the Accommodation on the last day of the agreed period in the Booking Confirmation. 

3.8.       The Guest must notify in writing of their desire to extend the length of their stay at least a month before the last day of the lease period. If the request is accepted by the Owner, the Guest may stay on the premises for the added duration agreed. Information on the extension period, including any new rental amount, will be presented to the Guest in writing. 

3.9.       Requests for extension should be emailed to or via the homeowner’s or the Guest's dashboard. 

3.10.    You are always responsible for your own actions and omissions and You are also responsible for the acts and omissions of anyone you invite to join or provide access to any Accommodation. You must comply with applicable laws, contracts, and regulations at all times.


4.    Homeowner terms

Ensure compliance with the law and other rules

4.1.        The Homeowner is responsible for ensuring that the laws of one's own jurisdiction are complied with regarding the Booking Confirmation and the right to lease Accommodations, also regarding tax and VAT. The Homeowner warrants that they have the right to enter into this agreement and a right to sub-let the Accommodations in question. This includes, but is not limited to, that the User has obtained, if applicable, any Homeowner’s or board of the housing association's approval to sub-lease the apartment, co-operative apartment or other type of accommodation, as well as verified with the local authorities whether one is allowed to lease the Accommodation in accordance with the desired preferences and circumstances of the Homeowner, before registering the Accommodation for hire on the Digital Platform. 

4.2.       Homeowners acknowledge and agree to, where applicable, have and maintain an appropriate home and property insurance of the Accommodation and property in question.

Register Accommodation and provide correct information 

4.3.       Users may register Accommodation as instructed by Renthia from time to time, or as otherwise outlined on the Website. You must provide all information requested by Renthia, otherwise, the Service can not be provided. 

4.4.       The Homeowner undertakes to show the total price of each respective offering that is provided, i.e. the Accommodation Price plus any applicable value-added tax incurred. In doing so the Homeowner also undertakes to state another price components such as cleaning fees and any additional fees which may be added. 

4.5.       The Homeowner shall, when registering an Accommodation, accurately and completely describe the facilities in words and add pictures in order to give any prospective Guests a fair impression of the Accommodation and to make it possible for any prospective Guest to assess the offering himself/herself. The offering includes all properties of the Accommodation that typically are of material importance for the Guest’s decision, including but not limited to, defects or other disadvantages of the accommodation that have a considerable negative effect on the attractiveness of the Accommodation (such as e.g. localization, proximity to roads, airports or the like, etc.). 

4.6.       A Homeowner that registers an Accommodation undertakes to clearly state if any rooms and/or items in the Accommodation are not included in the right of usage and/or what other rules of conduct are to be part of the Booking Confirmation and may affect the right of use of the Accommodation. 

4.7.       Any registered Accommodations will be published in the Service upon the completion of Renthia's review of the Homeowner’s description of the Accommodation and the Homeowner’s acceptance of any adjustments to the descriptions of the Accommodation made by Renthia. 

4.8.       You acknowledge and accept that Renthia determines how, and in which order any Accommodation is displayed on the Digital Platform and how Renthia will carry out identification, screening, and review of prospective Guests, including selecting the time to present Guest to the Homeowner. 

4.9.    Renthia will not be held liable for your inability to keep yourself informed and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations regarding your Accommodation. 

Approval of Guest 

4.10.    Renthia will, to the best of their efforts, identify suitable prospective Guests that are eligible to lease an Accommodation in accordance with the requirements defined by the Homeowner. Renthia will, to the best of their ability, determine whether a Guest is suitable and eligible to lease an Accommodation but the final decision of approval shall always lie with the Homeowner. 

4.11.    Renthia will, to the best of their efforts, present prospective Guests to the Homeowner. Renthia's obligation to present Guests to a Homeowner shall elapse when a Homeowner has refused the five (5) presented Guests.  

Homeowners agreement with Renthia 

4.12.     Homeowners understand that they will have to enter a separate agreement with Renthia in which the payment for the Service (STRIPE) will be stated. The User understands that Renthia has a legal requirement for customer knowledge and to prosecute money laundering.

4.13.     Renthia provides a template for Booking Confirmations where some conditions are mandatory, others optional. Homeowner undertakes to use this template and comply with its mandatory terms.

4.14    Homeowners undertake to fulfill these Terms and to interpenetrate the applicable rules into the Booking Confirmation. 

Homeowner vs Renthia

4.15.    The Homeowner is an independent individual or entity and not an employee, agent, joint venturer or partner of Renthia, except for the Payments when Renthia acts as a payment collection agent as described in the agreement between Homeowner and Renthia regarding the STRIPE service. Renthia does not direct or indirect control your service and you understand that you have complete discretion whether and when to provide service of Accommodations and at what price and on what terms (except for the mandatory requirements) You offer the Guest.


5.    Cancellations and terminations 

5.1.       As stated in chapter 6, the Guest will have to pay the rent two (2) days after moving into the Accommodation. 

5.2.       Cancellations and terminations are valid only if received in writing to, and if confirmed.  

5.3.       Renthia will communicate the cancellation or termination to the parties in the Booking Confirmation. 

5.4.     When cancellations or terminations are due to a Force Majeure circumstance, Guests are not bound to pay the rent. This means that The guest is not obligated to pay anything and that the invoice will be credited. 

5.5.       Two things can be done if the cancellation is due to a force majeure circumstance. 

(i)          Move the start date forward, if desired, and if the Homeowner approves it.

(ii)         Cancellation of the accommodation is made without the Guest has to pay anything. 

5.6.       Other rules of cancellation and termination will be set out in each Booking Confirmation, with beware of the national laws of cancellation and termination. The Homeowner is responsible for compliance with national rules and regulations, even with other contracts.


6.    Payments 

6.1.       Renthia has entered into a separate service agreement with a Payment Service Provider regarding the administration of any billing and payment under these Terms and the Booking Confirmation. Any of your billing and payment information under these Terms and the Booking Confirmation will be handled by the independent contractors STRIPE (the "Payment Service Provider"). 

6.2.       All payments under the Booking Confirmation shall be made exclusively to Renthia, or any third-party Payment Service Provider appointed or used by Renthia, as set out in the Booking Confirmation. All invoices will be available on the Guest's dashboard six (6) days before the due date. Exceptions for the first payment, as seen in

6.3.       Each invoice is paid monthly in advance and all payments are made monthly with some exceptions.

(i) If the arrival date is a day after the 1st of the month, the first month's rent will consist of only the period that has elapsed. To calculate the cost per day, the monthly rent is divided by 30, regardless of the number of days per month.

(ii) If the arrival date occurs during the dates between the 1st-19th of the month, the Guest will pay rent for the current month plus the eventual deposit as the first payment. The subscription plan will start on the 26th of the same month according to this Rental Agreement.

(iii) If the arrival date occurs during the dates between the 20th-28th/30th/31st, the Guest will pay for the current month, next month plus eventual deposit as the first payment. The subscription plan will start on the 26th of next month according to this Rental Agreement.

6.4.    Renthia will through its Payment Service Provider transfer the rent, minus our service fee and any other applicable fees, directly to the Owner through STRIPE (taking weekends, public holidays and banking handling times into account). Before deposited into your account, Renthia will receive the service fee. The Homeowner will get notified on the dashboard when the Guest paid it via STRIPE

6.5.    The first payment made by the Guest shall be made two (2) days after moving into the Accommodation to minimize the risk of fraud (example: if You are moving in on Monday, You shall pay on Wednesday).

6.6.       All invoices are due for payment on the 26th of each month. In addition to the first payment, which is stipulated in 6.5.

6.7.       Late payment will be charged and more specifically decided in each Booking Confirmation. 

6.8.       If You are late in payment of any portion of an invoice, Renthia may, in addition to any other remedies it may have, including termination, suspend access to the Service. Payments later than ten (10) days after the due date on the invoice may lead to an immediate termination of your contract, in which case you will need to move out immediately. How the Homeowner chooses to act after this is beyond Renthia's control.

6.9.       Renthia may charge fees for administering invoices and payments and reminders due to late payment. 

6.10.    All payments which are made under these Terms or the Booking Confirmation must be made in the relevant currency preferred by each Homeowner. 

6.11.    Renthia is not to be held liable for any cost, loss or damage due to currency fluctuations or for any bank fees charged by Your bank in connection with making payments under these Terms. 

6.12.    If agreed in the Booking Confirmation (and they have not agreed about a deposit that will be paid when the first rent is being paid), Renthia can, through its Payment Service Provider, reserve an amount, corresponding to 1000 euros on the last rental fee. This amount can be stored for a maximum of 90 days and used as described in chapter 7. 

6.13.    After signing this Booking Confirmation, the Guest is obligated to add their payment method on their dashboard within the next few days. Renthia will, through its Payment Service Provider, reserve the equivalent of 0.2€ on the Guest payment card to be able to enable correct payment to be made if a situation with no show arises. Payment in case of no show, will be done according to the cancellation policy stated in the Booking Confirmation. 


7.    Guarantee 

7.1.       Renthia and the Homeowner understands and acknowledges that subletting accommodations implies a risk for value loss for the Homeowner as a result of Guest's destruction of, inter alia, interior and furniture. Renthia may compensate a Homeowner for value loss in accordance with below described Guarantee policy and at the discretion of Renthia. 

7.2.       If a deposit or the reserved amount can not be used as described in 7.4, it will be transacted back to the Guest. 

7.3.     Renthia will keep 2% of each payment the Guest makes. This money goes to a guarantee fund where the Homeowner can apply for compensation in case the Guest causes damage. These 2% will not be transacted back to the Homeowner or the Guest if not used as descripted in 7.4. 

7.4.       In the event that the Guest causes damages to the accommodation either deliberately or through negligence during their stay, provided that the damage is not due to ordinary wear and tear, the Homeowner can apply for the guarantee provided that the following requirements are met: 

(i)          The Homeowner must contact Renthia within two (2) business days from the date that the Guest left the Accommodation according to the Booking Confirmation.

(ii)         Within two (2) business days after notifying Renthia of the damages, the Homeowner must send the required documentation to provide proof of the damages along with a quote or receipts for the costs involved in carrying out the repairs. The required documentation is as follows:

- Photographs of the damage caused by the Guest.

- A written report that outlines and declares what has been damaged.

- Copy/receipt providing for the value of the damages. 

7.5.        Renthia will thereafter review the application and contact the Guest. If Renthia finds that You are entitled to the guarantee, Renthia wants to provide you with compensation, with applied age deduction. 

7.6.        If a deposit has been paid, the maximum compensation amount is equivalent to 2000 euros, otherwise the maximum amount is equivalent to 1000 euros.


8.  Liability 

8.1.      You acknowledge and understand that the specific details regarding the lease will be outlined in the Booking Confirmation. For the avoidance of doubt, any complaints for example in regards to check-in or check-out will be dealt with according to what has been stated in the Booking Confirmation. If not stated the national rules of the Homeowner will be applicable. 

8.2.       If Renthia has a suspicion that Users are aiming to act or are acting in a fraudulent manner to the detriment of the other Users, the Service (or Renthia as a whole) or if there is any other suspicion of criminal acts pursuant to the applicable Penal Code, Renthia has the right to demand that the Payment Service Provider to hold all payments. Renthia has also the right, as seen in 2.4, if a user does not comply with the Terms, to close the account with immediate effect and, if necessary, report it to the police.  

8.3.       Please note that Renthia is under the obligation to report any suspicion of fraud, money laundering, or other criminal activity performed on the Digital Platform to the competent police authority. 

Limitation of liability 

8.4.       You understand that Renthia is not a part of the Booking Confirmation, and that Renthia is only a Service provider for the Platform. 

8.5.       You will indemnify and hold Renthia (and its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and employees) harmless from any claim or demand, including attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.  

8.6.       Except for cases involving intent or gross negligence, Renthia is not liable for indirect damage such as, but not restricted to, lost profit, diminished production, business turnover, inability to fulfill obligations to third parties or loss of benefit of the Service or loss of data, unless otherwise specifically agreed by Renthia and the User. 

8.7.       Renthia’s liability for direct damages shall be restricted to direct damage that can be considered as typical and foreseeable. 

8.8.       Renthia is under no circumstances liable for any loss or damages of any kind that is directly or indirectly related to: (i) the Content; (ii) Your use of, or inability to use, or the performance of the Service, including the Digital Platform, (iii) any loss of Content or; (iv) any action taken in connection with copyright or other intellectual property owners.  

Force majeure 

8.9.       A Party is not responsible for any delay or loss due to circumstances that the party has no control of and which significantly hamper the fulfillment of the obligation in question, or that causes the fulfillment of the obligation not to be economically justifiable. Such circumstances may involve, but are not limited to:

(i.)          Serious injury, illness or death of the user, first or second-degree relative, a minor or handicapped person where the Resident is the legal guardian or a colleague where the Resident is the primary substitution.

(ii.)         Death of a second-degree relative.

(iii.)       Serious damage to the accommodation.

(iv.)        The official declaration of a disaster zone in the city where the accommodation is located.

(v.)         Unexpected visa denial for unjustified reasons which restrict the tenant from relocating to the city where the property is located. The denial of a visa is expressly excluded where the user has not taken the necessary steps to obtain the visa within the appropriate time frame and the process as outlined by the relevant embassy or consulate.

(vi.)        If a war or unexpected dangerous zones appeal in the city where the property is located.

(vii.)      Serious injury, illness or death of the user, first or second-degree relative, a minor or handicapped person where the Resident is the legal guardian or a colleague where the Resident is the primary substitution.


8.10.    Swedish law shall be applied with respect to these Terms and disputes shall be resolved in a Swedish court, whereby the Stockholm District Court shall be the first instance.

8.11.    Renthia cannot be held liable for any incorrect information provided and disputes between Guests and Homeowners, whatever may apply.