Increase your Occupancy
Have more control.

Turn your properties into effective Long-term Income

Our long term digital renting solution offers an array of services that will increase occupancy of your properties and allow you to effectively manage and control facets of your business easily.

Verified Tenants for the Long term.

We check tenants' credit, financial stability and Identification.

Multichannel Advertising

Fast turnaround time on rentals due to high visibility on all our ad channels

Digital Contracts

All documentation and signing is digital

Online Payments

We handle the payments for you.

Manage and Overview

Keep up to date with a simple imformative dashboard

Feature highlights.

Renthia provides a fully digital experience


Dashboard overview

Keep track of what's happening from a centralized dashboard.


Tenant and contract Management

View your current tenants and review applications. Manage contracts signed and stay up to date on their lifecycle.


Property and Billing mananagement

Add, update and overview your properties and their status. Follow up on incoming payments as well.

Coming Soon

Direct Communication

Make announcements to your tenants and contact tenants individually on matters that concern them.

Hear from us directly!

Let us know what you need and hear what we can offer you